Benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship

The road to obtaining a second citizenship is one that is different for every individual, and at Global Immigration we can advise you on the best course of action to suit your individual objectives.


An opportunity to discover new cultures and to change the way you see the world around you
It is everyones dream to be able to travel the world without the lengthy complicated paperwork process of visa applications. A Vanuatu citizenship can give you freedom to journey across the globe, and explore new countries without bureaucratic hassel.

Travel visa free to 123 countries including 26 Schengen countries.


It allows you to become part of a welcoming friendly island community, embracing foreign born individuals
A Vanuatu citizenship gives you the option to turn a paradise destination into a place to call home.

Dual citizenship is permitted so you could still maintain your country of origin while also attaching to Vanuatu.

Life in Vanuatu is simple and with it comes a low cost of living.


An opportunity to fulfill your dreams of internationalisation, and business expansion on a global scale
The abundance of business opportunities across the globe means a Vanuatu citizenship will open doors to new entrepreneurial options.

There is a low VAT tax rate, no income tax and no capital gains tax.

Vanuatu offers reliable international offshore finance centres to those looking for a safe way to store excess cash.


Safety for yourself and your family can be found in stable, socio-political sanctuaries, like Vanuatu which is among the most naturally beautiful nations of the world
If you are at risk of violence, persecution, or unfair discrimination, investing in a second citizenship can help you remove yourself from a country that is burdened with danger

As Governments surveillance becomes increasingly pervasive, and the balance between nationwide security and individual privacy is upset, people have started looking for less intrusive governments that will respect their right to personal privacy. Vanuatu is privacy-respecting country and can help avoid the watchful gaze of overzealous governments.