Citizenship Process

How to apply for a Vanuatu citizenship

  • Document Submission

    Download the Vanuatu Citizenship application form. Identify the list of documents that must be submitted along with the completed application to being the Citizenship process. Most importantly a copy of a valid passport should be submitted.

  • Compliance Checks

    After receiving your completed application form, Global Immigration consultants will check the application to ensure full compliance. Customised assistance will be provided to each applicant to ensure your application has higher chances of succeeding.

  • FIU Clearance

    FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) a Government body designated to conduct further checks against each applicant to conduct additional checks against parameters such as blacklist, criminal, financial, corporate, terrorism, political etc … FIU clearance costs USD $3,000. (This fee is non-refundable).

  • 1st Instalment Payment - Citizenship Fee

    Upon FIU’s confirmation of no adverse findings the first instalment payment of your citizenship fee must be paid. Applicants that have made it this far in the process have a 95% chance of completing the entire process successfully and receiving a Vanuatu passport.

  • Citizenship Commission Approval

    Upon FIU’s clearance and receiving the first instalment, the applicants file will be brought before the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission (independent body appointed by the Government). The Commission is responsible for endorsing the application in principal on behalf of the Government. A written endorsement will be given to each applicant, and can be used as a guarantee before the final instalment is paid.

  • Final Instalment Payment - Citizenship Fee

    Final payment made similar to the process of the first instalment payment.

  • Vanuatu Passport Issued

    Vanuatu Citizenship and Passport is issued by Global Immigration on behalf of the Government.