Who can apply?

Vanuatu citizenship is not restrictive. It is open to all global citizens. Individuals applying from the middle eastern countries may have additional requirements to meet.


What is the process?

Vanuatu’s citizenship process is simple if all relevant documentation is provided by the applicant. The rest is taken care of by your Global Immigration expert.


How much does it cost?

Global Immigration prides itself in providing citizenship packages most relevant to your needs. Contact us today to begin your journey towards our citizenship program.

Why wait?

Our client base has grown globally, we have a number of success stories and would like to help you join Vanuatu's citizenship program.

Happiest Place on Earth

Happiness has become a part of the national brand.Vanuatu has been consistently democratic and peaceful despite its immense cultural diversity (over 100 languages are spoken).

Low Taxes & Moderately Regulated

While Vanuatu’s VAT is 12.5%, it has zero corporate tax ( hence our tax-free Vanuatu label) for international and domestic companies, and companies are exempt from capital and exchange control, making it a decent place to consider forming an offshore company. Even though accounts are kept, they do not have to be filed, nor are there auditing requirements.

Great Lifestyle

The Pacific Islands are one of the last truly spectacular regions of the World; nowhereis this more evident than in the cluster of Island the make up Vanuatu. Pristine white beaches stretching to eternity lapped by turquoise seas of the inlets and bays, a family holiday dream.
Abundant supplies of natural produce from the surrounding villages, ranches and tropical plantations all organically grown and part of Vanuatu’s guarantee to the citizen of the freshest and finest cuisine.